Golf Course

18 Holes of manicured pine forest wrapping around our stunning lake make for a winning combination of sport and relaxation.  Enjoy amenities that include a golf shop, modern golf carts, spacious outdoor lounge and much more in this perfectly located course.  

Adult Day Rates

Monday thru Thursday

$38 per person

Includes Cart

 $25 Twilight 4pm Tee Time

(Mon - Thurs Only)

Friday thru Sunday

7:30 am to 7pm

$45 per person

Includes Cart

Junior Rates

10 and under free with member or adult green fee purchase

11 yrs to 15 yrs 

Rider $25

Walker $18

16-18 years $38

includes cart

*Carts may only be rented to persons with a valid driver's license. 

 Golf Memberships

Golf Memberships

(per family)

$235 Month to Month Unlimited

$190 Annual Unlimited with cart

$160 Unlimited drive-in carts

$130 Unlimited without cart

$70 Out-of-Town without cart

Cart fee is $18 per visit

Family Access 


Fishing, Walking, Biking

$130 per family

up to 5 persons in immediate family

Tips from the course...

Hole #1 – (Par 4) Dog leg right. Not a long hole but placement is everything; a drive of 210 to 225 yards is ideal; fairway slopes from right to left.


Hole #2 – (Par 5) Reachable par 5. The landing area for tee shot slopes right to left; right center of fairway is the best shot; left center of fairway has a tendency of going left blocking out a chance of going for the green in two; half of the original green has been allowed to grow in leaving a blind approach shot over hill.


Hole #3 – (Par 3) Difficult par 3. This green is very undulating. One option: using one less club will allow you to roll it up to the green. Elevated green causes a difficult chip for balls left and right of the green.


Hole #4 – (Par 5) Dogleg left. The ideal tee shot should be played to the right-center of the fairway to give you a good chance of going for it in two. Very deep green so pay attention to the pin placement. Trouble on the right side of the fairway in front of the green (trees).


Hole #5 – (Par 4) What you see is what you get. Fairway slopes from right to left (kudzu left of the fairway!).


Hole #6 – (Par 4) Dogleg left. Tee-ball placed left of path at top of hill gives a clear look at the green (top left of the hill is 150 yards from the green). The tee shot over trees is possible with a long drive; approach shot over the green will leave you with a very tough up and down.


Hole #7 – (Par 4) Sloping dog leg left; left tee shot may block you out for approach shot; green slopes severely from back to front (shot on the front of the green will roll back). Shot over green can bring water into play.


Hole #8 – (Par 3) 3 tiered green. Play enough club. Heed the warning!


Hole #9 – (Par 4) Tee shot down the right side makes for a good play. The approach shot requires accuracy. Inlet from lake protects the front left side of the green.


Hole #10 – (Par 4) Dog leg left. Tee shot of 200-220 yards makes for an easier second shot. Use an extra club for approach shot.


Hole #11 – (Par 4) Hidden pond and out of bounds in areas left of fairway. Good iron shot off tee box will still put you inside 150 yards for approach shot (Do not be left!)


Hole #12 – (Par 3) Stay below the hole. Green can play tricks on you.


Hole #13 – (Par 4) Dog leg left. Hit tee shot down right center of fairway for perfect approach shot to this 2 tiered green. 220 to 240 yard tee shot is ideal. Out of bounds right of fairway.


Hole #14 – (Par 4) Dog leg left. A 200 yard drive aimed at the restroom is perfect. Green slopes from left to right. Beautiful view of this green.


Hole #15 – (Par 4) Dog leg left. Fairway slopes left; aim for the pool slide. Easy approach shot from right side into right to left sloping green. Out of bounds right of fairway and behind green.


Hole #16 – (Par 3) Pay very close attention to the pin placement. This hole slopes to the water (Be wary of hole placement on back of green, small landing area).


Hole #17 – (Par 5) This par 5 is a risk reward hole. Play it as a three shot hole unless you are a long hitter (fairway slopes toward water). Water in front of green with a back to front sloping green.


Hole #18 – (Par 5) Dog leg left. Another reachable par 5. Aim at the right side of the clubhouse and draw, the ball. Be careful of the out of bounds on the right.